Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch

Our goal is to introduce to members and others,
changes in behaviour
that will frustrate and deter those who commit crime.

We aim to bring neighbours together to create communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. The vision is of a caring society in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life.

For more information follow the link to the web site of the National Neighbourhood Watch Network. This will give you an overview of the History, Achievements, and also introduce the National Directors, Trustees, and Staff.

The National Neighbourhood Watch Network publish a Code of Ethics which you access here.

When joining Neighbourhood Watch, we require our new members to agree to some statements about Confidentiality and Data Protection. Click here to take a look – Confidentiality and Statements About Data Protection

If you think you need crime prevention advice directly from Essex Police, possibly because the type of crime isn’t covered in any of the pages of this web site, Click here –

Essex Police encourage all Watch members to read through and think about the incidents within the crime reports that members receive. You may be able to provide Essex Police with additional information regarding an incident.  You may reside, work, walk, travel or visit family or friends in or near the areas where one or more incidents have occurred. Were you in the area on that day, around that time? Did you see any suspicious activity? Did you note a suspicious person or vehicle?

If nothing else you may change your routine behaviour to make it less likely that you will also become a victim. Maybe something very simple like checking that your front door, or the door of the car you just parked, is indeed locked.

If you noted any suspicious activity in relation to the reports then please call Essex Police on 101. Make a note of the incident reference number and quote this when calling. (If you have information in relation to a suspicious vehicle, please make note of the Make, Model, Colour and index number if possible).

Please do not feel that you will be wasting police time. The information you provide may prove useful in an investigation. Please inform the call taker that you are part of a watch scheme. If you have any queries your local Essex Watch Liaison Officer will be only to please to assist you.

You may be interested to know that you can keep up with Police activity in your area through the following Facebook pages. If you are a Facebook user you may like to follow them but you can also see the content by clicking the ‘Not Now’ tab when it shows on screen.

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