The below should be read by joining members and then acknowledge that they have done so in their application to join a scheme. The same applies to joining coordinators.

  • You agree that Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch, or the Coordinator of your local scheme, may hold and maintain your personal details on paper or electronic media;
  • You understand that these details will only be used to advise you of criminal activity in Colchester and how you can protect yourself and your property against crime;
  • Your details will never be communicated to other persons or organisations, but if asked, we are required to provide information to the Police that may help with enquiries;
  • Details about Actual Crimes and Hot Spots must not be communicated to persons who are not members of Neighbourhood Watch. The same goes for organisations other than Partner organisations of the Police. This information must not be published in any media that is accessible by non members;
  • That any information you may acquire about other members, whether by accident or design, will be used for Neighbourhood Watch purposes only, or permanently deleted or destroyed;
  • That you cannot pass on information about members to persons or organisations outside of Neighbourhood Watch;
  • That you will not use membership information for personal or business purposes;
  • That failure to adhere to these requirements may be a breach of the laws for Data Protection;

Please advise us by email of changes to your personal details or that you wish to be removed from our list.